Seedless Watermelon


Weight: 16-18 lbs

Shape: Round to oval shape

Rind: Crimson Sweet

Description: A variety the consistently produce high yields and high quality. Wolverine produces a very firm flesh. Wolverine can produce 36 and 45 count watermelons. Wolverine has been in the top 5 of state trails 5 times in two years !



  • Weight:15-18 lbs

  • Shape: Oval

  • Rind: Dark stripes

  • Description: Deep red flesh. High Lycopene level. Early- to mid season watermelon



  • Weight: 17-20 lbs

  • Shape: Oval

  • Rind: broad and very dark stripes

  • Description: Productive & Vigorous. Deep red flesh & sweet flavor. High Lycopene level. High vigor. 


Bungi (Bingo)

  • Weight:13-15 lbs

  • Shape:round

  • Rind: dark green

  • Description: Early to mid season. Very sweet.


  • Weight: 20-22 lbs

  • Shape: round to slight oval

  • Rind: broad & very dark stripe

  • Description: Perfect combo between very sweet taste & deep red flesh.



  • Weight:15-18 lbs

  • Shape: Oval

  • Rind: Light stripes

  • Description:Medium vigor. Early to mid-season watermelon.